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Shannon McClintock Miller

5 Creative Ways to Use PebbleGo in Your School

August 16, 2019

I have just the resource for you, and it will be one that truly makes a difference as it becomes that go-to resource everyone is looking for in your library, school community and for your teachers, families and especially your students. 

It is PebbleGo! 

I saw the difference that PebbleGo brings firsthand when I was a K-12 teacher librarian.  It is the digital resource that I would visit every day as I planned, collaborated and taught within the library and classrooms. And, it was that one resource that hooked every single one of our students, teachers, and families too! 

However, this didn’t happen by itself.  I had to think creatively and work hard at making PebbleGo that go-to tool for everyone and for all of our learning, research and creative needs. 

And along the way, it became that place our students just loved to go to feed their curiosity and passion for so many amazing topics from animals, science, social studies, dinosaurs, biographies and much more! 

As you get ready to make PebbleGo your go-to resource too, let me share 10 creative and meaningful ways to bring these wonderful resources to your library and school this year too.

1. PebbleGo Resources is the perfect online resource to share with teachers as you connect, collaborate and plan for an amazing year of working together.

To start, make sure everyone in the school is familiar with and has access to PebbleGo.  On the Promotional Content page (found under the Resources tab), you will find the Librarians to Teacher Letter that you can use for sharing the important PebbleGo information. 

2. As you are collaborating and working with teachers, make sure you bring the PebbleGo content maps to the planning meetings.   You will find these for PebbleGo Next too.

Your teachers will be amazed at how you can support their classroom and students by using PebbleGo.
Click on a PebbleGo Content Map and take a look at all of the topics in just one of the modules!

If you are limited on collaboration time or are looking for a way to foster these connections and relationships this year, you could also make a copy of a PebbleGo Content Maps that fit into their curriculum and current plans with a little note highlighting the topics that fit.  This might be just what it takes to open the doors to a year of amazing collaborative opportunities between you as the teacher librarian and the classroom teachers. 

3. It is important to get the entire school community involved right from the start by sharing ways to bring learning opportunities and experiences home too. 

PebbleGo accounts for schools grant teacher librarians and teachers the right to share with all families that have children in the school district making it the perfect resource to bring learning throughout the entire school community. 

You will find the School-to-Home Letter under Resources: Promotional Content.  There is a Spanish version as well.  

You can fill out the PebbleGo Username and Password for your school on this letter and then print it off to give every family.  I would pass these out at Back-to-School Night, Parent Teacher Conferences and other times throughout the year. 

There are even Capstone Connected cards available in this Promotional Content section that we can add our school's username and password and print to send home. I would print these on heavy card stock paper and have one for each student to bring home at the beginning of the year or even as a little reminder throughout the school year during special projects and vacations such as winter and spring break.

There are also a variety of Login Student Reminder cards available including using Google Classroom or the Capstone Master Login. 

Just think about all of the homework assignments, family conversations and individual exploration opportunities where PebbleGo would be perfect to use at home and on the go! 

4. With Google Classroom being one of the options for signing in and being connected to PebbleGo, this is a powerful way to bring collaboration and learning outside of the library and school walls. 

This connection makes it even easier for students to collaborate using Google Docs, even if they are in a different city, state or even country! 

To take advantage of this integration option all you have to do is link your Google account to your PebbleGo account on the PebbleGo Administration page. After this, students can go seamlessly from Google Docs into PebbleGo. 
I use Google Docs, Google Slides and other things within Google for so many projects.  To have this integration makes both of these resources even more important and essential as we are teaching research, curation and organizational skills to our students and teachers every day.

5. As you are working with your teachers and familiarizing them with everything in PebbleGo, create a scavenger hunt using any of the modules to familiarize your students with everything in PebbleGo too. 

You can pick any topic and have your students use PebbleGo to find the answers! 
For example, Did you know that medium height clouds of grey and white mean cooler weather is on the way?  What article would you search to locate that answer?