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5 Creative Ways to Use PebbleGo in Your School

September 22, 2022


Looking for a tool to take your classroom to the next level? Searching for a go-to resource for educators, families, and especially students that will truly make a difference in your school community? Then we have just the resource for's PebbleGo!   

PebbleGo is the place students love to go to feed their curiosity on so many amazing topics, from animals to science, from social studies to biographies, and much more! 

As you get ready to make PebbleGo your go-to tool, let's explore 10 creative and meaningful ways to implement these wonderful resources in your school this year.

1. Facilitate a Smooth Start 

To start, make sure everyone is familiar with and has access to PebbleGo. On the Promotional Content page, you will find customizable printables, such as letters for teachers and family members, and login instruction posters for students. You can also share the Resources page, so educators and families know where to go if they need some more guidance or training resources.


Screen shot of the Resources PageScreen shot of the Resources Page


2. Get Familiar with the Content  

There's so much to discover in PebbleGo (and PebbleGo Next too!), and your students will love exploring and discovering on their own. However, as educators, you might want to become familiar with the content available so you can find what fits into your curriculum. Browse the Content Maps and take a look at all of the articles available in each module. There's so many diverse topics, no matter your curriculum, you'll be sure to find what you need!

Screenshot of Content Maps PageScreenshot of Content Maps Page


3. Get Connected with Google Classroom

Did you know you can sign in and connect to PebbleGo through Google Classroom? This is a powerful way to bring collaboration and learning outside of the library and school walls. 

Connecting with Google Classroom makes it even easier for students to collaborate using Google Docs, even if they are in a different city, state, or even country! 

To take advantage of this integration option all you have to do is link your Google account to your PebbleGo account on the PebbleGo Admin Page. After this, students can go seamlessly from Google Docs into PebbleGo. 
Google Docs, Google Slides, and other features within Google can be used for so many projects. This integration makes both of these resources even more essential as we foster research, curation, and organizational skills in our students. 


4. Have students keep a Curiosity Journal

Young students are naturally curious, and it's important that educators help encourage that curiosity whenever possible. Sometimes this curiosity bubbles up and can help facilitate an engaging and productive lesson! But other times, whether they're at home or at school, students might have questions that can't be answered right away.

That's where a Curiosity Journal comes in! Have your students create their own Curiosity Journals. Whenever they have a question that can't be answered right away, they can write it down in their journal. Then, when they have time, they can head to PebbleGo to find the answer! They can then record what they've learned in their journal. This is a great way to build research skills and empower students to take charge of their own learning!


5. Create a Virtual Scavenger Hunt

A fun virtual scavenger hunt is a great way to help students (and teachers too!) get familiar with both using PebbleGo, and with the content. Simply write up some questions, and have your students use PebbleGo to find the answers! You could choose a particular topic, have your students search a specific PebbleGo module, or maybe even have your students choose the questions together as a class!
For example: What kind of cloud means warm air is coming? What article would you search to locate that answer? 


Screenshot of PG Types of Clouds ArticleScreenshot of PG Types of Clouds Article