Meet the Team: Bryan Schmidt

May 3, 2019
Bryan Schmidt

Name: Bryan Schmidt

Role: Ed Tech Marketing Manager

Years at Capstone: 1

Favorite part of working at Capstone: Seeing the impact our digital resources have on students, teachers, and librarians.

How does your role support PebbleGo users? I am responsible for developing a plan about communicating to customers and non-customers about all the ways PebbleGo can help them engage students.

Favorite article within PG: Narwhals

Favorite Capstone book/series: Goodnight Baseball

Family: My (soon to be) wife, Angie, and I

Pets: Two cats, Steve and Oliver. In a month I will have a third cat, Charlie, once Angie and I are married. The surprising part about this is we both would much rather have a dog.

Favorite US state apart from the one you live in: Hawai'i. The weather, the food, the beach, and the culture are my absolute favorites.

Favorite thing to do on the weekend: Being from California originally, I've never grown a fondness for being outside in the winter, so I prefer to hibernate during the cold months. Summer is why I love it though. I am outside every day in the summer and am nearly impossible to pull away from the lakes.