Cats vs. Dogs

Welcome to Cats vs Dogs!

PebbleGo Cats vs Dogs is a free resource where K-3 students can research the various breeds of cats and dogs, engage in a variety of lessons (both physical and digital), and share who their animal of choice is.

Your K-3 students love learning all they can about animals, especially dogs and cats. PebbleGo Cats vs. Dogs allows students across the country to share who their favorite pet is and get a great civics lesson at the same time. 

  1. Access all the articles on cats and dogs within the PebbleGo Animals and Animales modules. 
  2. We've created a variety of lesson plans and downloadables to make it easy to incorporate PebbleGo Cats vs. Dogs into in-person and distance learning lessons. You can also access several free Buncee templates for engaging digital lessons. Check out all the resources below.
  3. Share what you're learning!
    Get the whole school community excited with downloadable posters, social media images, and "I Voted" stickers. Tag us on Twitter @capstonepub and use hashtag #PebbleGoCatsvsDogs.
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