Connecting Capstone Accounts

Create Google Classroom link:

  1. Complete the steps for creating a Capstone account (even if you have just use one product.)
  2. Once you complete the wizard, you will be returned to the Link Accounts Page.
  3. Select “Link My Class IDs.”
  4. Based on your Google Teacher ID, it will link your accounts.
  5. Want to link multiple classrooms to your account? Repeat this process with each Google Teacher ID you want to link.   

    Link with Google Classroom

    If your students are associated with one of your Google Classroom classes, linking you class IDs to your Capstone account will allow your students to log into their Capstone resources without needing the Capstone username and password. Linking your class IDs links only classes that are currently associated with the Google account you sign in with. IF you add new classes, you may need to re-link your class IDs. Other educators in the school will need to link their class IDs independently. Linking your class IDs does not share any personally identifiable information about any students.

    PG Admin Link Google ClassroomPG Admin Link Google Classroom
    PG Admin Content Management Dashboard, Drop down MenuPG Admin Content Management Dashboard, Drop down Menu