Connecting Capstone Accounts

Create Capstone building account:

  1. Login with your administrator username and password.*
  2. Click “Link Accounts”.
  3. Select your product and reenter your administrator username and password.
  4. Follow the “Create Capstone Account” wizard, entering your student username and password.
  5. Don’t use that product? Click “Skip.”
  6. Select your Capstone username. Choose from one of the options presented or create a new one.
  7. Create a new Capstone password.
  8. Verify that your new username and password are correct and select “Create.”

Create Google Classroom link:

  1. Complete the steps for creating a Capstone account (even if you have just use one product.)
  2. Once you complete the wizard, you will be returned to the Link Accounts Page.
  3. Select “Link My Class IDs.”
  4. Based on your Google Teacher ID, it will link your accounts.
  5. Want to link multiple classrooms to your account? Repeat this process with each Google Teacher ID you want to link.

Tip: You do not need to have access to all Capstone digital products to take advantage of the streamlined logins. It will work with whatever combination of products you have.

*Note: If your district uses the same username and password to manage accounts at multiple sites, please contact Capstone Customer Service before beginning the linking wizard.