How to Copy a Direct Link in PebbleGo

Have you ever wanted a simple way to quickly share a link to a PebbleGo category, subcategory, or article with your students? Now you can! With the all-new Copy Link feature, you can provide easy, one-click access to any PebbleGo or PebbleGo Next category, subcategory, or article your school or district currently subscribes to. Students won't need to log in; they'll be brought straight to the article, signed in and ready to go.

  1. Navigate within PebbleGo to the category, subcategory, or article you want to get the link to. For this example, we'll use the Frog article.
    PebbleGo Frog Article with Copy Link
  2. To copy the link, simply click the Copy Link button at the top of the screen next to the Random Article button (or Español button if you subscribe to PebbleGo Spanish). When you hover over the button with your mouse, it highlights yellow with a tooltip that reads "Copy Link".
    PebbleGo Frog Article with Copy Link Hovered Over
  3. Once you've clicked the Copy Link button, the button will be highlighted green with a tooltip that reads "Copied!"
    PebbleGo Frogs Article with Copy Link - Clicked
  4. You now have the link to the Frogs article stored on your computer's clipboard ready to be pasted into your preferred EdTech tool. 

PebbleGo Pro Tip: Copy the link to a category within a PebbleGo module to help your students get directly to a set of articles on a specific topic. 

Here's a short video showing the Copy Link feature in action!