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PebbleGo Next: Biographies, Newest Database for Grades 3-5 Researchers Launched

November 28, 2018

Minneapolis, MN - August 20, 2018 - 

Capstone, a leading publisher of children’s books and digital products and services, announces the launch of its newest database module, PebbleGo Next: Biographies. Introducing historical and contemporary biographies targeted to grades 3-5 national curriculum, the new module joins previously released PebbleGo Next databases Science, Social Studies, and States and American Indian History.

PebbleGoNext: Biographies features 164 articles exploring the lives of Advocates, Revolutionaries, and History-Makers; Artists and Authors; Athletes; Business Leaders; Composers and Entertainers; Explorers and Pioneers; Scientists and Inventors; World Leaders, and more. To supplement the content, PebbleGo Next: Biographies includes a new timeline component, an activity to explore in each subcategory, and video and critical thinking prompts for each article.

"We’re thrilled to share the life stories of the famous and the infamous, the tenacious creators, the people who’ve challenged the status quo, and the leaders who’ve achieved the highest levels of success in their fields. Our team has worked to include a range of life stories that serve as a window into history as well as more contemporary times, which can help students see the world in new ways, inspire self-discovery, and provide great life lessons. This collection builds on the success of our PebbleGo Next databases to provide a valuable resource to elementary schools," said Darin Rasmussen, Vice President of Digital Product Development and Management.

PebbleGo Next includes expertly levelled text with read-aloud audio recorded by professional voice over artists to provide essential scaffolds to make content accessible for all learners. PebbleGo Next incorporates a streamlined interface, animated highlighting, educational videos and games, and encompassing activities that teach students how to cite articles, create reports, and share what they’ve learned. The database is available over the Internet 24/7 as an annual subscription for enrolled students.


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