PebbleGo Admin Tools

Getting Started

  1. Click “Sign in” at the top-right corner of the page.
  2. You will use the login information provided to you when your building was first enrolled in PebbleGo. Use the “Admin” account. The login information is case sensitive, so enter it exactly as written in your email message.

You are now signed in!

You now see the navigation bar for PebbleGo administration. Navigate by using the tabs at the top of the screen.

Article Popularity

It can be very useful and interesting to see what articles are being visited by your students. The Article popularity tab shows you that information. And, you can download all the details for further analysis in a spreadsheet format.

Article Usage

You can also download article usage by month for use in a spreadsheet.


Additionally, it can be helpful to see what games are being played by your students. The Games tab shows you that information. You can also download all the details for further analysis in a spreadsheet format.

User Access

Easily change user passwords to access PebbleGo, or copy the referral URL for use within the school. Anytime you change your password, the referral URL also will change, so this isn’t something you’ll want to do lightly! The referral URL includes a special and unique string at the end of the website URL – this string will automatically log whoever clicks on it into PebbleGo! If you plan on using the referral URL:

  1. Copy the entire referral URL (including any ending characters like dashes).
  2. Only provide the referral URL on computers and webpages that students need to login to access. The rule of thumb here is that if anyone on the Internet can click and get access to PebbleGo, then you cannot use the referral URL.


The subscription area shows you when your PebbleGo subscription was activated, and when it will expire.

Top Content

This area features content usage trends from beyond your school. Ever wonder what PebbleGo articles are most popular with kids from other schools? Now you can quickly find out! Top articles are broken into a “Top All Time” area, as well as by each module.

Link Accounts

If you have multiple Capstone accounts (PebbleGo, PebbleGo Next, Capstone Interactive), it is simple to link them and streamline the process by having one username and password to access them all. Click “Link Accounts” to begin the process.

If your school uses Google Classroom, linking your PebbleGo/Capstone account will allow your students to access Capstone resources with their appropriate Google Classroom IDs. Click “Link Accounts” to begin the process.

Disable Articles

PebbleGo includes functionality to Disable (hide) and Enable (un-hide) individual articles or categories for your students. When a category or article has been disabled, students will not be able to search for or find that article or category’s articles within the module structure. If you need additional help with disabling articles, click the green button at the bottom of the screen that reads, “Disable Article Help.”