PebbleGo Kids Pick

It's time for the kids to pick!

Encourage your students to share their voice and take charge of their learning! From November 1st - 30th, kids will have the chance to cast their vote and choose which new article they want to be added to PebbleGo. The article with the most votes wins and will be added to PebbleGo! Not only is this a great chance to foster student choice and increase engagement, but it is also an opportunity to introduce civics concepts and skills to your students, and to demonstrate the impact voting can have!

Kids can pick one of the following articles: "Amazon River," "Hiccups," "Gems and Minerals," "Blobfish," and "Black Holes."

Be an informed voter! From November 1st - 30th, students will have free access to a selection of related articles, including civics articles, to research their vote. Educators can also find a variety of educational and customizable resources. 

  • Access a free selection of trial articles on PebbleGo, if you are not already a subscriber. 
  • Incorporate civics lessons into your curriculum: we've created lesson plans and downloadables to make it easy, check them out below!
  • Share what you're learning: get the whole school community excited with downloadable posters and social media images. Tag us on Twitter @capstonepub and use #pebblegokidspick