PebbleGo Supports Curriculum Standards

Empower Your Students

Students become lifelong learners when they’re allowed to explore topics that interest them. By providing access to a variety of information sources, educators empower students to take a leading role in their education, right from the start. Students learn to leverage technology to research new topics and achieve learning goals, and are ready for the next round of technological innovations.

How can PebbleGo help?

Facts are easily accessible with simple navigation and visual search. Read-aloud audio helps build confidence so even below-level readers have the opportunity to take a leadership role in their education.

Happy students using on iPads

Teach Responsible Digital Citizenship

Today’s students are born members of the digital world and must learn the rights and responsibilities of digital citizenship. The interconnected digital world affords unlimited opportunity when students learn to respect the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, including the rights and responsibilities associated with intellectual property.

How can PebbleGo help?

Students learn to cite their source, a must for becoming responsible digital citizens.

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Create Critical Thinkers

In an increasingly noisy world, students must learn effective research strategies. Being able to obtain and evaluate information from a variety of resources is integral to learning the difference between facts, opinions, and fiction.

How can PebbleGo help?

With over one thousand articles, student explore ideas, create hypotheses, and draw well-researched conclusions.

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Effective Communicator

Knowledge acquisition is not the end goal. Students must learn effective ways to share their knowledge and research skills with the world. Sharing helps students make connections with each other and deepens their understanding of the subject. Having measurable learning goals helps both the student and the educators evaluate research methods and instruction to ensure continued growth.

How can PebbleGo help?

PebbleGo research helps students demonstrate their understanding in a variety of projects including reports, presentations, artwork, and more. They learn that starting their project with a credible source (and citing it!) is a requirement for a successful outcome.

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Promote Collaboration

The use of technology should facilitate increased student collaboration with their peers both in the school building and around the world, preparing them for college and beyond.

How can PebbleGo help?

PebbleGo provides simultaneous, unlimited use to to all members of a school community, both within the building and at home.

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