PebbleGo, Upgraded: Admin Tool

What is the difference between PebbleGo today and what it was in the past?

There are a number of improvements and upgrades you will notice in the redesigned PebbleGo Admin Tool. The most noticeable change will be to the look of the Admin Tool. We have redesigned every page to vastly improve your experience with a sleek, modern interface that will provide the data and resources you need to maximize your PebbleGo subscription. Even with the changes, all of the essential tools you use in the Admin Tool are still available. Learn more about navigating and using the upgraded Admin Tool.

How do I sign in to the Admin Tool?

There are two simple ways to access the Admin Tool. 

  1. You can continue to sign in using your admin username and password in the same place where students sign in. 
  2. Or, you can sign in via a dedicated Admin page at with your admin username and password.

Take a look at the two comparison sliders below to get a sneak peek at how your PebbleGo experience is continuing to be upgraded!

Admin Tool Home Screen Comparison

Admin Tool Disable Articles Screen Comparison