"Question of the Day" in PebbleGo

Another teacher and student favorite feature in PebbleGo is "Question of the Day," an engaging, interactive social activity. Students can take a poll about a fun topic within each module and see how their responses compare to other students. A new question appears each day.

How to find "Question of the Day" in PebbleGo

Navigate to a module of your choice by first selecting one your school/district currently subscribe to from the home screen.

PebbleGo Home Pages as of August 2019

For this example, let's look at the Science module's Question of the Day. Start by selecting Science. 

PebbleGo Science Module - Full Screen

At the bottom right of the page you will see a button with an icon that reads, "Question of the Day." Click it and you'll be in today's question.

PebbleGo Science - Question of the Day

Select your response by clicking (on a computer) or tapping (on a tablet or smartphone) one of the images. You'll see a green check mark confirming your response.

PebbleGo Science - Question of the Day - Vote

Click or tap the "Vote" button, and you'll instantly see how your response compares to other students from across the country and around the world.

PebbleGo Science - Question of the Day - Results

PebbleGo Pro Tip: "Question of the Day" can be a fantastic way to launch your students' into research, and the question is new each day, so each time your students explore PebbleGo there will be a fresh topic to spark their curiosity.