What are Range Maps in PebbleGo?

Each PebbleGo Animals article includes a range map to help students identify where that specific animal can be found on Earth. This helps students develop spatial thinking and visual literacy. Range maps also can be helpful in providing young students scaffolding to support literacy development.

How to find Range Maps in PebbleGo

Navigate to an animal article of your choice by first selecting Animals from the home screen.

PebbleGo Homescreen as of August 2019PebbleGo Homescreen as of August 2019

For this example, let's drill down to African Elephants. Start by selecting Mammals. 

PebbleGo Animals module - first level categoriesPebbleGo Animals module - first level categories

Next select Grassland Mammals.

PebbleGo Animals - Mammals SubcategoryPebbleGo Animals - Mammals Subcategory

Continue on by choosing African Elephants.

PebbleGo Animals - Grassland Mammals SubcategoryPebbleGo Animals - Grassland Mammals Subcategory

Now we are in the article for African Elephants. Under 'Media' you'll see a globe icon with 'Range' below which you can select.

PebbleGo Animals - African Elephant ArticlePebbleGo Animals - African Elephant Article

This is the range map for African Elephants showing where exactly in African they can be found.

PebbleGo Animals - African Elephants Range MapPebbleGo Animals - African Elephants Range Map

PebbleGo Pro Tip: Range maps can be a wonderful way to introduce your students to maps, continents, and animal habitats to connect curriculum standards in one lesson.