Professional Development Workshops

Half-Day Workshop

Using PebbleGo with your Curriculum 

This introductory session provides a higher-level overview of teaching practices that are supported through research and are perfect to use with PebbleGo. Topics include the use of informational texts, today’s standards and practices, and the power of inquiry with young children.


Full-Day Workshop Options

Building Knowledge through Informational Texts 

The research remains clear time and time again; prior knowledge matters. This session will focus on 1) integrating nonfiction into instructional methods you likely already implement, and 2) building inquiry into content learning. You’ll leave with a plan to use PebbleGo on a regular basis and a framework and strategies to teach students inquiry.

The Power of Text Sets


What are multimodal text sets, and why is it so important that students have access to them? By taking a dive into our reading standards, we’ll discover multimodal text sets are non-negotiable for learning content, building knowledge, and teaching media literacy. Participants will leave with text sets on their PebbleGo bookshelves and goals for integrating them.

Teaching Inquiry (…and all the standards, simultaneously!)

When we are online perusing the Internet, as we read, we are learning- either intentionally or unintentionally. And that’s a problem. Teachers need to teach students inquiry skills that include validating, assessing perspective, and interpreting media. Inquiry comes in all shapes and sizes. We’ll examine the Backward Design (Wiggins and McTighe, 1998) and SAMR model of assessing integration (Puentedura, 2010) as we build inquiry regularly into content learning.


Custom Professional Development

Pricing and options will vary. Possible options:

Students Engaging with Digital Texts
(1 day virtual or in-person) 

Participants will learn how to overcome predictable problems educators face when students interact with a digital resource.

Participants will:

  • Receive lessons to teach for active reading engagement-no more scrolling and skimming
  • Learn comprehension strategies for students to use while reading a digital text
  • Understand ways to engage students with the digital text using real-world, relevant strategies 


Incorporate Disciplinary Literacy in Science and Social Studies 
(1-2 days virtual or in-person)

Participants will learn the evidence and research best practices to increase student achievement in reading by incorporating disciplinary literacy in science and social studies. 

Participants will:

  • Learn strategies to increase reading and writing in content areas
  • Understand the transferable skills across disciplines
  • Increase student engagement using high-impact instructional moves

Write Cross-Curricular Units
(2-3 days virtual or in-person) 

Using district-approved standards and resources, Compass PD will lead teacher teams through a process of developing a cross-curriculum unit for science or social studies. 

Participants will:

  • Learn the replicable process of 3 Stages of Understanding by Design
  • Develop a high-quality unit that incorporates reading and writing in a content area
  • Create a performance task and scoring guide 
  • Walk away with a completed science or social studies unit 

Create Blended Learning Experiences
(2-3 days virtual or in-person)

Blended learning incorporates engaging classroom teaching with engaging learning with online tools to allow students to control the path, pace, and place of their learning. It allows students to engage in authentic learning experiences. 

Participants will: 

  • Understand personalized learning and how to create them for students
  • Understand strategies to support student learning while helping to lessen the traditional teacher workload

About Kelli 

Kelli WestmorelandKelli Westmoreland

Kelli Westmoreland is a veteran educator who has advocated effective instruction through the use of classroom libraries for over twenty years. An experienced professional development writer and author, she often presents at local, state, and national literacy conferences. Her skill set and knowledge assists teachers, schools, and districts across the country to integrate an effective balanced literacy framework into their classrooms. ​ ​Kelli is the CEO of KelliWest Educational Services, a professional development and coaching resource.

Kelli has presented at national education conferences such as AMLE, NCTE, and ILA and was recognized in 2015 as one of the top 16 sessions not to miss. She also conducts full-day literacy events at schools and districts across the country.