Andy Plemmons

January 7, 2019
Media Specialist, David C. Barrow Elementary (Athens, GA)

How I Use PebbleGo

PebbleGo is one of the research tools our 2nd -grade students use for the “Barrow Peace Prize” project at our school. The project begins with each student selecting one of six nominees from civil rights history to research. They then create a persuasive video essay as well as a watercolor painting showing why their chosen nominee best displays the qualities of peace. The videos are voted on by people from all over the world, and the nominee with the most votes (and the students who researched them) is awarded the Barrow Peace Prize.


Why PebbleGo Works

I think PebbleGo is a great tool for elementary researchers. It offers a base of facts about a wide variety of topics, and those facts are broken down into manageable sections under each heading. Even our oldest students use PebbleGo as a starting place. I love that it can easily differentiate for students who need to listen to the information or students who are ready to jump into reading the text themselves. As an educator, I appreciate how all students can access it at the same time and know that they are getting quality information for their research.