Cristine Ragland

April 8, 2019
Librarian, Fairview-Miss Jewel Elementary School (Copperas, TX)

Why Students Love PebbleGo

Our campus, Fairview-Miss Jewell, teaches all students from kinder-5th grade research skills. The first-grade students were learning about "Objects in the Sky." Upon learning that the sun had solar flares, a group of kids asked if there was a video. Of all the things they have learned within PebbleGo, having access to a video that answered their question, demonstrated what they were learning about, and was something they could use independently, was so exciting. So many of them began asking about other topics of interest and looking for other videos.


Why Teachers Love PebbleGo

My teachers love that PebbleGo can be used for whole group modeled instruction, independent learning, research-based inquiry, and for Genius Hour learning. Once the students log in, the teachers know that they will be highly engaged and able to work independently at a variety of ability levels, while the teacher moves around the room checking on students.


My Favorite Thing About PebbleGo

My absolute favorite part is the Citation link. When teaching source citation, the kids can see, with the click of the link, how each citation is specific to the article they are reading, includes the web address and the date. All which they are required to use and learn.